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“We believe that the world is made for exploration and for personal discoveries.
We believe that the world belongs to the adventurers, the daring, the intrepid, those who yearn the learning of the unknown and are inspired by history, traditions and different cultures.
They are the curious, the passionate ones, those who want to discover. They are the ones that break down barriers, the ones who embrace cultural differences, that find excitement in creating new relationships, in crossing bridges and living new experiences.
We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better…and they are the ones that actually do.”


At Chispa we share our passion and offer exciting, unforgettable travel experiences for students and adults. We specialize in cultural and language summer immersion programs in Spain.

Our company started with the intention of sharing our love and knowledge of Spain by offering unique, tailored programs so you can experience the authentic Spain through its people, history, traditions and culture. We pay special attention to detail, arrange a safe environment and offer an all-inclusive program, so you can relax and enjoy your experience in Spain.

Spain for Students offers summer immersion programs for teens that combines summer fun by the ocean with intensive cultural and language components. These programs are geared to 14-to 18-year-olds. They provide teens with the opportunity to improve their language skills in Europe while exploring Spain, meeting new people, and gaining different perspectives and skills that will be valuable in their future. Spain is the perfect country for summer study abroad.

Our travel programs for adults are targeted to specific regions of the country and themes to provide an in-depth understanding of the culture of Spain.





Experience Life In Spain With Us

We offer you what we know best. Chispa founders and program directors have grown up and lived in Spain for many years and understand what the country has to offer. They know how to make the most out your trip.

It is our mission to share our knowledge and passion for Spain with teens and adults by providing customized, immersion experiences for a unique understanding of the country, the language and the culture.

Coastal village, Asturias


“Experience Spain from within.

Its customs and people will forever be a part of you.”


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