Why Spain?

Simple. You will have the best experience anyone can ever offer you.

We LOVE Spain and we KNOW Spain…and we are excited to offer you what we know best. Chispa founders and program directors have grown up and lived in Spain for many years and understand what the country has to offer. They also know how to make the most of it for you.

What does Spain have to offer?


Spain is a country rich in history, where ancient traditions dating back centuries mix with modern European lifestyle. Spain is many other things: architecture, art, culture, literature, folklore… But Spain is more than Don Quixote, Velazquez, or Picasso. Spain is more than wine, flamenco and bullfighting, more than paella, the running of the bulls, soccer, or the Don Juan myth.

What really makes Spain different is the Spanish people and their approach to life.


Traditions and festivities come together in Spain. As a traditional Christian country, Spain follows the Calendar of Saints where each day of the year associates with one or more saints, and referred as the feast day or feast of said saint. The country, its regions, cities, towns and villages usually have a Saint Patron, and celebrate annual festivals or festivities in their honor. If there’s one thing Spain is famous for, it’s the fiestas and lively street atmosphere found at any time of the day or night. We craft our programs to take full advantage of what Spain has to offer so you won’t miss a thing!.


The Importance of the Spanish Language in Spain

Spanish is the second most used language in international communication. Learning Spanish will enable you to communicate with almost 500 million people worldwide!

Plus, there is no better place to learn Spanish and understand its culture than in Spain, where the language originated. Spain is the perfect place for summer immersion programs for high school students.


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