Why Chispa?

“We offer you the kind of experience you would build for yourself”

Why Chispa?

We believe your experience needs to be authentic and unique. We are proud to offer the best complete programs in the industry by focusing exclusively in what we know best: Spain.

Chispa programs offer true in-depth experiences for a genuine understanding of the Spanish culture and language, all in a safe and secure environment. As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of safety and for us is our number 1 concern.

Our programs are all-inclusive, we don’t offer stripped down programs. We list everything that is included, and there are no other charges, fees or need for extras or add-on to make the programs complete.

We believe in the value of travel and exploration and we want to ignite a spark in our students, that enthusiasm for discovery. Our experienced and passionate program directors have expert knowledge and understanding of Spain, the Spanish language, culture and customs, and will make the experience unique.

We value open communication with parents and students. You can always contact us with any question or concern, we are always happy to talk to you.

“Tortilla EspaƱola” Spanish Tapa


In Spanish, Chispa Means “Spark”

Participating in Chispa programs ignites the spark for adventure and knowledge. The program instills an excitement for lifelong learning, critical thinking and global awareness.

When you come to Spain with Chispa, you can:

  • connect with locals at a personal level
  • create everlasting relationships
  • develop a deeper understanding of the culture
  • enjoy all the fun the country has to offer
  • become a global citizen
  • enrich your life
  • increase your cultural intelligence
  • live an experience that will stay with you forever

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Summer Immersion for Student Programs

The summer student programs, specially designed for teens ages 14-to 18-year-old include:

  • An extensive pre-departure orientation, designed to prepare students and their parents and maximize the immersion experience.
  • Transportation within Spain, always with Chispa representatives.
  • Full room and board for the entire duration of the trip, including home stay or dormitories, hotels and restaurants.
  • Highest quality Spanish language school.
  • 20+ hours/week program of intensive Spanish language instruction. Maximum teacher/student ratio 1-10.
  • All school materials.
  • Certificate of Spanish Language Course Level Completion (over 40 hours).
  • Exciting cultural group activities and special local events.
  • Admission to world-famous museums and historical landmarks.
  • Experienced guides and instructors.
  • Student health insurance and access to quality private health care if the need arises.
  • A 24-hour response dedicated phone line if an emergency arises.
  • Tips and gratuities to cover planned activities, trips, guides, meals, etc.
  • An unforgettable life-changing experience that students will cherish for a lifetime!


Student Girls in Spain


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